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Changchun Yidong Clutch Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changchun Yidong") was established in 1992, with FAW Dongguang Clutch Factory as the main body of the reorganization. It is composed of China First Automobile Group Company and Jilin Dongguang Precision Machinery Factory (State-owned Second (28th Factory) Two large state-owned enterprises co-sponsored the fund-raising method.

The company completed the shareholding system reform in 1998 and was publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. At present, the total share capital is 141,516,450 shares, of which: Jilin Dongguang Group Co., Ltd. holds 32.07% of the total share capital, China FAW Group Corporation 23.51%, and the public shares 44.42%.

Changchun Yidong is one of the 12 listed companies of China Ordnance Industry Corporation and the first listed company in China's automotive clutch industry. It is the leading company in China's automotive clutch industry, the chairman unit of the China Automobile Association clutch committee, and drafted a number of industry standards unit.

currently owns two holding subsidiaries of Changchun Yidong Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yidong Parts") and Shenyang Yidong Sihuan Clutch Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenyang Yidong Sihuan").

The main products are automobile diaphragm spring clutches (Changchun Yidong and Shenyang Yidong Sihuan) and hydraulic lifting mechanism of heavy truck cab (Yidong parts).

Clutch products currently have 8 major series, 32 specifications, 340 kinds of automotive clutch products, specifications from Φ 160 mm-Φ 450 mm, transmission torque capacity from 71N·m-5400N·m, covering passenger cars, commercial vehicles And many other models.

Yidong Parts is currently the largest supplier of hydraulic lifting mechanisms in China, with a variety of products such as oil cylinders, oil pumps, and hydraulic locks, providing more than 140 products for 45 models. The product range is broadened to agricultural, mechanical cylinders and height valves, steering power cylinders and other products, and modular supply is realized in each main engine factory.

Changchun Yidong has 537 sets of production equipment and 106 sets of test equipment. The production capacity of the clutch assembly is 4 million sets/year, and the hydraulic lifting mechanism is 500,000 sets/year. The key equipments were imported from Austria, Italy, South Korea and other countries. They have reached the world advanced level in clutch cover stamping molding, diaphragm spring heat treatment molding, assembly assembly, and online inspection.

The company continues to carry out technological innovation, and its research and development capabilities continue to improve. There are 1075 existing employees, including 246 technicians. The R&D center is rated as a national-level technical center, and a post-doctoral workstation is set up. To achieve the synchronous development of traditional diaphragm spring clutches, we are currently developing self-adjusting clutches, dry and wet dual clutches, and torque converters.

The high level of research and development capabilities and stable product quality have earned Changchun Yidong a good market reputation, making Changchun Yidong become FAW Liberation, FAW Volkswagen, Liuzhou Liuji, SAIC Wuling, Changan Group, JAC, Yuan Xiaokang, Dongfeng Supporting suppliers of more than 50 domestic OEMs and OEMs including Liuqi Automobile, Mianyang Xinchen, Baoding Great Wall, Shenyang Xinguang, Zhengzhou Yutong, Beiqi Foton, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, Shanxi Dayun, Hualing Automobile, etc. Foreign manufacturers such as Brazil Volkswagen, Russia's Camas, General Parts, Daimler Benz, Volvo, Tata Daewoo and other international manufacturers provide supporting supplies.

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