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Management team
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Management team

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Board of Directors

Chairman: Gao Rusen Vice Chairman: Wang Wenquan

Director: Jiang Tao Director: Meng Qinghong

Director: Zhang Guojun Director: Sun Shisheng

Independent Director: Yu Lei Independent Director: Fu Yuwu

Independent Director: Ma Hongjia

Board of Supervisors

Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Feng Jiping

Employee Supervisor: Lin Ying

Supervisor: Jiang Zhigang


General Manager: Meng Qinghong

Deputy General Manager: Sun Shisheng

Deputy General Manager: Guo Jie

Deputy General Manager: Sun Changzeng

Deputy General Manager: Zhou Yong

Party Committee

Party Committee Secretary: Meng Qinghong

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee: Cheng Xiaodong

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